Our Program

In light of Covid19, we are also offering REMOTE consultations. We will review the program with you, mail your packet & supplements to your doorstep, and let the coaching begin.

Creating Your Most Beautiful Healthy Life

Why is it so easy to gain weight and so difficult to lose weight?

There can be many reasons for your health or weight challenges including genetics and imbalances of the body from a number of causes including hormones, immune issues, and metabolism. Hunterdon Health & Weight Loss, uses NutriMost intelligence to correlate, integrate and assimilates the most integral factors to support moving your body toward optimal wellness.

Hunterdon Health & Weight Loss offers a solution! The computerized analysis is a revolutionary approach to wellness and weight loss that is completely customized. You receive a personalized protocol that is designed to match your unique health challenges. Starting at the cellular level, this intelligence integrates the various factors associated with your challenges including DNA and epigenetic factors. The result is a blue print designed to help you achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

The Result is a Real Food plan

An example only from an actual client.

Most people know you are what you eat. Our computerized intelligence advances this concept to the cellular level. The cells have different needs depending on it’s challenges. For example a person with a history of kidney stones would want to minimize oxalates and tumeric while maximizing alkalinizing foods. A person with hypothyroidism, would be restricted in thyocyanites. Gout would restrict purines or if DNA showed homogynous COMT, we would increase tryptophan foods and decrease tyrosine and theanine. Our computerized intelligence combines all of your unique factors and gives you your exact and personalized food protocol. These foods directly support your specific health challenges and your overall wellness.

Computerized Supplement intelligence

All our supplements are excipient free with no toxic binders or flowing agents such as magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, talc or crosarmellose. Our supplements are food based with all synergists, cofactors and active transporters available within the supplement. All our supplements are designed to work with this weight loss program.